Twitter’s New Layout Rollout

Twitter's new layout

Have you heard? Twitter has redesigned their profile pages, and the changes are huge. Love it or hate it, it’s been rolling out to Twitter users over the past few weeks and is now available to everyone. (Want it? You can get it here!)

Of course, a new layout means that your old profile page graphics will need to be updated as well. Old background and header graphics are out, and full-width headers & larger profile images are in.

new twitter layout - Michelle Obama

Here’s what you need to know to update the graphics on your Twitter page:

1. The Header is bigger. Much bigger.

The header graphic is now located at the top of the page, and stretches the entire width of the page. You can upload your own image, or use one of several pre-loaded options.
Size: 1500×500 pixels
Twitter header - cherry blossoms

2. The profile picture is bigger, too.

And, your larger profile image is no longer centered on your screen. Instead, you’ll find it off to the left, overlapping the header.

Size: 400×400 pixels
Twitter profile - Starbucks

3. Through May, you can save $$ on a custom design!

If you want a custom design for your new Twitter page, now is the time to get it! From now through May 31 we’re offering our $149 Twitter page design package for just $99. That includes both a header and profile graphic, designed just for you and ready to upload!

Give us a buzz today to get started.

Hannah Kwan

Hannah Kwan

Hot Shot Developer at Caffeinated Communications Studio
Hannah Kwan works on front-end development and handles website maintenance for clients at Caffeinated Design Studio, a branding & visual marketing agency based near Seattle, Washington. Hannah's favorite coffee drink is a Almond Vanilla Latte at her local coffee shop; if she can't get that, she'll settle for a Caramel Latte as a backup.
Hannah Kwan
Hannah Kwan
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