A well-conceived brand will elevate your product or organization. It will create an emotional resonance in the minds of your customers, making your business more desirable, more memorable, and unique.

Great design can do a lot for your brand, but it’s strongest when coupled with powerful strategy.

Use the Brand Equation to maximize your ROI.When it comes to your brand, logo design and strategy are good by themselves; but when paired, they create unstoppable brand power that substantially increases your chances of reaching the right customers with the right messages in the right ways.

Once you have both working together, your X-factor — the thing that makes you truly unique and valuable — can grow your brand power exponentially. The Brand Equation is simple:
brand equation

brand=(design+strategy) to the power of your x-factor

Your brand’s design begins with your logo — the visual embodiment of your brand. But it doesn’t stop there. Design is more than just a great logo, and your logo doesn’t provide its real value until it’s supported by cohesive elements. Thoughtful typography choices help deliver the tone of your message, while a color palette sets the mood, all before your audience reads a single word of copy. Make a powerful first impression by harmoniously marrying all three together to tell your brand’s best visual story with a brand design package.

Our Process

Your brand design begins with a detailed questionnaire and design consultation. We’ll ask you about your goals. Your audience. Your business. We’ll help you to determine your Brand Personality (find out yours here). And together, we’ll uncover your x-factor.

Your X-factor is what makes your business truly unique. It’s the innate value you bring to your customers that none of your competitors can. Your X-factor goes beyond creative design and thoughtful strategy by identifying what makes your business – and your ideal clients – tick.

We’ll provide you with:

  • Three unique logo concepts from which to choose
  • Unlimited revisions to the selected concept
  • Custom color palette
  • Typography recommendations

And once you absolutely love your logo and visual brand, you’ll get:

  • Logo files for print, web, and high-resolution use in a shared Dropbox folder
  • Your Brand Standards document provided in high-resolution PDF format


Your logo is the visual embodiment of your brand. A business without a logo has no chance of making an impact on its target audience; likewise, the wrong logo will make the wrong impact or reach the wrong audience.


Typography – your font choices, and how they’re displayed – matters to your readers, which means it matters to your brand. The right typeface can effect whether the right message is being communicated.


Color effects our emotions and helps us to distinguish between competing brands. In fact, color has such a powerful influence on perception that that it has inspired an entire field of study in psychology.

Keep your visual brand consistent with our optional Brand Book

Ensure your internal team and external partners are on the same page and maintain regularity across all platforms with a brand book.

Consistency is key to making your brand and messaging memorable. Round out your visual brand with all the elements you need for your printed and digital marketing initiatives to look their best in every execution.

You’ll get everything in listed above, plus a professionally designed Brand Book document with:

  • Visual brand DOs and DON’Ts
  • Social media designs for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Letterhead and envelope designs including print-ready files
  • Two-sided business card design including print-ready files
  • Email marketing header design


Our talented designers are ready to create a stunning visual brand for you. Let’s have some fun!