SEO for 2017: Seven Things You Need to Know

SEO for 2017 - seven things you need to know

With 93 percent of online experiences starting from a search, an effective SEO strategy is critical for any business. Constant changes to Google’s search algorithms can seem next to impossible to keep up with, but understanding the following trends will help you prepare your SEO for 2017.

1. Schema Markup

Google is increasingly providing content right on the search page, from recipes and videos to local business information and Quick Answers. Using a schema markup clarifies the value and purpose of your content, making it easier for search machines to interpret — and more likely to appear in a search result snippet box.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) use structural changes to create web pages that load more quickly and use less data, making these pages ideal for mobile users. With Google giving increased preference to mobile-ready websites, AMPs in particular will give your site more visibility on the search engine.

3. Richer Content

Content marketing practices have evolved along with search engine sophistication, going from a focus on a wealth of shorter articles to an emphasis on long content. But with readers who are continually pressed for time, content that provides the most value with the fewest words will be prioritized.

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4. Longer Keywords

Going along with a trend that gives an advantage to user-focused content, longer keywords and phrases are becoming popular in SEO strategy. These lengthier keywords lead to more original content, letting business owners better target their ideal customers.

5. Micro-moments

Micro-moments are situations where users turn to the internet to find an instant help with an action they want to take — to get information, go somewhere, do something or buy something. Understanding these impulse searches will help you create content that targets these customer needs.

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6. Using Allo

With more than 150,000 downloads on Android, Google’s messaging app Allo is a new but popular tool that acts more like a virtual assistant. Since users can search Google from within the app, the clear popularity of Allo means you should take steps to optimize your content for this Google-based and mobile-friendly application.

7. Pare-down on Popups

Google is cracking down on mobile pop-up ads and will start penalizing the “intrusive” advertising in January of 2017. While the new rules are applied specifically to mobile, marketers may need to rethink their strategies moving forward. Popups that are required (such to accept cookie usage or for age verification) and small, non-obtrusive banners will not be penalized.


An example of an intrusive popup


An example of an intrusive standalone interstitial


Another example of an intrusive standalone interstitial


These are just a few of the trends that will impact your SEO for 2017. With search engines constantly updating, it’s important to stay on top of the best practices – and to continuously audit your business’ SEO practices.

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Hannah Kwan
Hannah Kwan
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