Yes, You Really Do Need Website Maintenance

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

– Winston Churchill

Announcing New & Improved Website Maintenance Plans!

Website maintenance isn’t a gimmick or a scam to make money off of unsuspecting clients. On the contrary – it’s vital to the success of your website. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve revamped our website maintenance plan packages – and this is great news for you.
Look, we know that your website is an investment and a crucial element of your business plan. But we also know that just having a website isn’t enough.  If you aren’t updating your website regularly, it could be costing you money. Search engines love fresh content, fast load speeds, and secure sites, so a poorly maintained website will hurt your search engine ranking. It can also impact your reputation; broken links, slow page loads, and dated content can give visitors the impression that you don’t really care about your business. So, we’ve spent the past few months working on ways to improve our website maintenance service to be sure you’re getting the benefits and results you deserve.

What’s New?

We’ve added some new features and services to all of our plans that you’ll appreciate. Here are just some of the changes from / additions to our old website maintenance packages:

  1. We’ve made it even easier for maintenance clients to get support. Now, in addition to being able to reach us at or (425)242-5200 x700, you can send a message to support right from your WordPress dashboard.
  2. We’ve integrated free or premium levels of Wordfence site security into all of our maintenance plans. Wordfence is an industry leader in website security.
  3. We’ve expanded limited online marketing and onsite search engine optimization support for some plans. Whether you want to handle it yourself but don’t know where to start or want to have us do it for you, we have a plan for you.
  4. We have increased the frequency of backups for our Venti plan and have ensured that all website maintenance clients are securely backed up to a remote, offsite server.
  5. New monitoring features for some plans include broken links checks, malware scans, server uptime, and page speed checks.
  6. We’ve added an annual pay option to all of our plans that allows you to buy 12 months for the price of ten!

So which website maintenance plan should you choose? Just find the profile below that best fits you and your business.

The Budget Conscious Business Owner

  • You want to know that your website is safe and secure.
  • You need to have web expert easily available if you need help.
  • You don’t rely on search engines to bring in new business; your customers come primarily from personal referrals or face-to-face networking, and you’re fine with that.
  • You make infrequent changes to your website, and don’t offer any ecommerce.

Does this sound like you? You may want to try the TALL plan.

The Do-It-Yourself Marketer

  • You want an extra layer of website scanning and security to protect yourself against malware and blacklists.
  • You want to know as soon as possible if your server goes down, but you can’t keep checking it 24 hours a day!
  • You consider monthly maintenance  to keep your site running smoothly to be an investment in your business.
  • You want to improve your onsite SEO and online marketing results and don’t mind doing it yourself, but don’t know what steps you need to take.
  • You’d like to receive automated emails with personalized recommendations of which online marketing tasks you should focus on each week.
  • You’d like to save 5% on our graphic design and web development services.

If this sounds familiar, then the GRANDE plan could be for you.

The Busy Entrepreneur

  • You make frequent changes to your website or offer ecommerce, and weekly backups aren’t enough. You need to have it done daily.
  • Keeping your website running smoothly isn’t enough – you want it to be constantly improving and getting better results.
  • The knowledge that an experienced website professional is spending up to two hours each month focused on your website would give you tremendous peace of mind.
  • You know that you need to monitor things such as website speed, broken links, and uptime in order to keep the search engines happy, but you simply don’t have time to deal with it yourself.
  • You’d rather save 10% on our graphic design and web development services.

This person really needs the VENTI plan.

New Website Maintenance Plan Choices

TALL | $49/month or $490/year | Our ESSENTIALS Plan

  • Basic monthly reports
  • Weekly secure, offsite backups
  • Plugin and security update management
  • WordPress upgrade management
  • Fast turnaround
  • Easy access to our support desk right from your website dashboard
  • Basic Wordfence site security
  • Up to 30 minutes per month included

GRANDE | $99/month or $990/year | Our PRO Plan

  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Weekly secure, offsite backups
  • Plugin and security update management
  • WordPress upgrade management
  • Fast turnaround
  • Easy access to our support desk right from your website dashboard
  • Premium Wordfence site security
  • Automated downtime alerts
  • Personalized weekly online marketing tasks in your inbox
  • Up to 1 hour per month included
  • 5% savings on Caffeinated design & development services

VENTI | $179/month or $1,790/year | Our PREMIUM Plan

  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Daily secure, offsite backups
  • Plugin and security update management
  • WordPress upgrade management
  • Fast turnaround
  • Premium Wordfence site security
  • Automated downtime alerts
  • Online marketing support
  • Onsite SEO support
  • Site analytics
  • Up to 2 hours per month included
  • 10% savings on Caffeinated design & development services

All of our monthly website maintenance plans can be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice. Annual plans are non-refundable but provide two months free service!
So, what’s next? If you’re a current website maintenance customer, we’ll be contacting you to find out which new plan you’d prefer. If your site isn’t being maintained, why not give us a buzz? Now that you know you need website maintenance, we’ll gladly set you up on the program that best suits your needs.

Hannah Kwan

Hannah Kwan

Hot Shot Developer at Caffeinated Communications Studio
Hannah Kwan works on front-end development and handles website maintenance for clients at Caffeinated Design Studio, a branding & visual marketing agency based near Seattle, Washington. Hannah's favorite coffee drink is a Almond Vanilla Latte at her local coffee shop; if she can't get that, she'll settle for a Caramel Latte as a backup.
Hannah Kwan
Hannah Kwan
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