You’ve heard the saying. Beauty is only skin deep. It’s what you say when you want to point out that one’s appearance is hardly their most important characteristic – it’s the stuff beneath the surface that truly makes a person special and unique. But did you know that you can say the same about your brand?
Brand Workbook

Think of your brand as if it were a person. After all, like you, it has a name and a personality. A voice. Values and beliefs. It even has a reputation, for better or for worse. And if all of these characteristics aren’t consistent or don’t meet people’s expectations, you could be losing trust. And for brands, losing trust is the same thing as losing business.

This visual workbook has five pages of short Q&As and simple activities will help you to personify the characteristics of your brand and determine if they are in alignment with one another.

• Does your visual branding align with your behavior?
• Does your visual branding align with your reputation?
• Does your reputation align with your values?

And more!

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